China’s Recent Foray into the North Natuna Sea is Problematic

A Chinese survey ship was reported to be operating in Indonesia’s exclusive economic zone in the North Natuna Sea last week. This is not new, but this time the survey ship was reportedly accompanied by at least six Chinese naval vessels. Jakarta should consider a firm response to Beijing.

China’s Vaccine Diplomacy in Malaysia: Problems and Prospects

In Malaysia, Pfizer is the vaccine of choice, anchoring the national immunisation program as China’s boosters are relegated to a supporting role. The downgrading notwithstanding, China’s vaccine diplomacy remains a prime mover in the unfinished worldwide battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

Reform of the Thai Police: An Impossible Dream?

A recent police scandal has again sparked calls for reform of the Thai police force. There have been numerous attempts in the past, but the key problem is the entrenched relationship between powerful politicians and senior police officers.


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