A photo of a busy road in Malaysia on 5 February, 2020. (Photo: Satyam Gupta/ Pexels)

Malaysia’s Skewed Transport System: Rising Costs Demand Bolder Solutions

Malaysia’s failure to build an efficient and functioning public transport system has a price tag: a huge fuel subsidy bill, sizable accumulated public debts and a high level of household debts partly caused by car loans. Policymakers should think out of the box and consider subsidising commuters to take public transport.

ADMM Plus Maritime Security and Counterterrorism Field Training Exercise

ASEAN and ADMM: Climbing Out of a Deep Hole

The ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting has bagged modest achievements in past years. But it will take a lot more to assert ASEAN’s central role in a region where external powers have grabbed the initiative in forming minilaterals outside the ASEAN ecosystem.

Thailand’s Digital Divide: Leave No One Behind

Thailand has a developed Internet and digital infrastructure which has helped many Thais tide through the privations of Covid-19. But more can be done to extend such services to more Thais, particularly those from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

RCAF troops in a live firing exercise in December 2019. (Photo: Mech Dara/ Twitter)

Unpacking Cambodia’s 2022 Defence White Paper

Cambodia’s 2022 Defence White Paper reiterates longstanding priorities of border security, counterterrorism and domestic stability like its predecessors, but contains an unprecedented focus on cyber defence and ambitious modernisation goals.


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