About Fulcrum

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Fulcrum is published by the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

We seek to showcase, in a readable and accessible fashion, ISEAS’ excellent research in socio-political, economic trends and geostrategic trends in Southeast Asia and the wider region.

We host contributions by ISEAS researchers as well as external authors, on topics related to Southeast Asia and its wider geostrategic environment.

We aim to publish commentary and analyses which are independent, non-partisan and aimed at informing and educating interested readers — policymakers, scholars, the media and corporates — on issues related to Southeast Asia and its wider environment. The views and opinions expressed here do not represent those of ISEAS.

Fulcrum is helmed by William Choong (Managing Editor) and Lee Sue-Ann (Editor). They are assisted on the production side by staff from ISEAS’ Corporate Communications Department: Lydia Wong, Lee Poh Onn and Teo Hwee Leng. Dorcas Gan and Darren Cheong — Research Officers of the institute — help with the quotidian but highly important tasks of formatting the commentaries, spell-checking, ensuring adherence to Fulcrum house-style and visuals.

We welcome contributions from scholars, researchers, analysts, practitioners, and policy experts. Contributions should be original articles exclusive to Fulcrum. They should be written to a length of up to 850 words. We are looking for commentaries written in a readable and accessible style, for an audience who generally follow regional and global issues. The commentary has to address a subject area or issues pertinent to Southeast Asia. Concision and precision are preferred. Commentaries with a clear argument and rigorous analysis are de rigeur. If you would like to write for Fulcrum, please send a pitch to william_choong@iseas.edu.sg and lee_sue_ann@iseas.edu.sg.