Submission Guidelines

Fulcrum welcomes contributions from scholars, researchers, analysts, practitioners, and policy experts. Contributions should be original and exclusive to our site. Republication of Fulcrum material must be approved by and attributed to in all instances.

We are looking for readable and accessible commentaries written for an audience who generally follow regional and global issues. Each commentary must address a subject area or issues pertinent to Southeast Asia concisely and precisely. A clear argument and rigorous analysis are de rigueur. All submissions are peer reviewed by ISEAS and affiliated researchers. 

Pitch: Please send a pitch to, detailing your main argument and the key points. At this stage, please do not submit complete drafts.

Process: After your pitch is accepted by the editors, please send in your draft commentary not exceeding 850 words and indicate the word count of the main text. The editors will not review drafts if they do not adhere to the stipulated word limit.

Publication: Submissions go through a thorough review and editorial process. We cannot guarantee eventual publication even after review, as drafts can be overtaken by events or withdrawn for other reasons.