The Next Phase of Myanmar’s 2021 Spring Revolution Turns on Contested Local Authority  

Aung Tun

As the Arakan Army establishes more control over Rakhine State, the future success of the national revolution may hinge on whether a parallel local administrative system can be established in other areas including Myanmar’s heartland. Providing a workable alternative to the State Administration Council’s governance will enable the revolution to mature as it meets the people’s demands for rule of law and governance.

In Denial Against Democracy: Thailand’s Royalists see Putin as a ‘Decoloniser’

Janjira Sombatpoonsiri

Thai royalists’ online narratives echo the line that Russia’s war in Ukraine is succeeding. There are indications that this rhetoric is driven by anti-western anti-democratic sentiment, especially against the United States. The royalists are using the debate over the war as a proxy fight with opposition movements, whom they see as being supported by western pro-democracy forces.