Dangerous Unintended Consequences Loom in the Wake of Thailand’s Hasty Legalisation of Marijuana

Termsak Chalermpalanupap

Thailand’s hasty legalisation of marijuana and hemp without necessary control measures has sparked concerns about illicit trade and abuse of ‘legalised’ marijuana. It also threatens to disrupt ASEAN’s regional effort to create a “drug-free” community; the other nine ASEAN members still treat marijuana as a banned narcotic.

Avoiding Divots in the U.S. Pivot to Asia

William Choong

While the Americans have made noticeable progress in their “pivot” to Asia, the crux of successful regional engagement rests on Washington’s ability to work with and around China’s indisputable links and influence in this part of the world, while managing its own relationship with Beijing.

“Undercover” Ministers in Malaysia

James Chai

A few ministers in the new Malaysian cabinet are providing citizens with a breath of fresh air as they conduct surprise visits to see what ails public services, but the winds of change have not gathered sufficient force for true reform.