Can the Russia-Ukraine Conflict Derail Southeast Asia’s Decarbonisation Efforts?

Mirza Sadaqat Huda

The commodities supply crunch can disrupt Southeast Asia’s goal of attaining net-zero targets in the next few decades. While regional countries have backtracked on climate commitments, the crisis can stimulate long-term strategic responses such as accelerating decarbonisation efforts and developing domestic deposits of critical minerals.

Mekong River at Sangkhom district in the northeastern Thai province of Nong Khai

The Mekong River Ecosystem in Crisis: ASEAN Cannot be a Bystander

Hoang Thi Ha|Farah Nadine Seth

Despite being the premier regional organisation in Southeast Asia, ASEAN remains a bystander in the imminent collapse of the Mekong River ecosystem. The successful mainstreaming of transboundary haze pollution in ASEAN’s legal and institutional frameworks are instructive for invigorating ASEAN’s engagement in the Mekong issues.