In Denial Against Democracy: Thailand’s Royalists see Putin as a ‘Decoloniser’

Janjira Sombatpoonsiri

Thai royalists’ online narratives echo the line that Russia’s war in Ukraine is succeeding. There are indications that this rhetoric is driven by anti-western anti-democratic sentiment, especially against the United States. The royalists are using the debate over the war as a proxy fight with opposition movements, whom they see as being supported by western pro-democracy forces.

New Chinese Migrants in Chiang Mai: Parallel Paths for Social Interaction and Cultural Adjustment

Aranya Siriphon|Fanzura Banu|Pagon Gatchalee

While descendants of older Chinese migrants in Thailand consider themselves Thai, new Chinese migrants tend to struggle with assimilating, due partly to negative stereotypes about foreign Chinese. This Long Read explores the parallel communities these new Chinese migrants have forged to address their needs for social integration.

Decoding Phuket Province’s Demand for Autonomy

Tita Sanglee|Michael J. Montesano

There are growing calls in Phuket, Thailand’s tourism powerhouse, to become more autonomous from the central authorities in Bangkok. While such an idea has not gained traction outside Phuket, the province might need to think deeper about what autonomy entails, and in what form.