Between Taipei and Beijing: Education Options among the Yunnanese Chinese of Northern Thailand

Aranya Siriphon

Because of China’s soft power, some KMT Chinese in Northern Thailand have gradually shifted from being pro-Taipei to being pro-Beijing. Out of the 110 private tutoring Yunnanese schools in Northern Thailand, more than 40 have begun to accept Beijing’s support and modelled their school structure in accordance with PRC’s guidance.

Thai Monks who Drink and Their Lay Supporters

Thomas Borchert

Recent media reporting about a Thai monk caught drunk and indecently exposed follows a long line of attention-grabbing headlines about monastic misbehaviour. Even so, Thai attitudes about such rule-breaking are more nuanced than these reports would suggest.

The ‘People’s Court’ Supports and Celebrates Marriage Equality in Thailand

Alexandra Dalferro

Amidst greater popular awareness of the struggles faced by LGBTQIA+ individuals in Thailand, activists are challenging Thai laws restricting marriage to heterosexual couples as being unconstitutional. While significant progress on human rights is unlikely to occur under the current government, Thai citizens are using their voices to call for change.