The Media Landscape in Indonesia: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Sofie Syarief

The emergence of digital media has not resulted in more diversity in ownership control and editorial content in Indonesia’s media industry. The capital-intensive nature of the industry means that large media groups have become larger by expanding into multiplatform media. In addition, many new digital media outlets need to be backed by conglomerates to be sustainable and significant.

Digital Transformation under Indonesia’s G20 Presidency: What can it Deliver?

Lili Yan Ing|Titik Anas|Maria Monica Wihardja

Indonesia’s G20 presidency has committed to take action in the three priority areas of digital transformation, global health infrastructure and energy transition. But the war in Ukraine threatens to overshadow the agenda. The G20 may have to be satisfied with lowest common denominator agreements, though Indonesia clearly aspires for more.