Afra Alatas

Afra Alatas is Research Officer in the Regional Social and Cultural Studies Programme at the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

Articles by Afra Alatas (8)

The Ba‘Alawi of Indonesia: Genealogy and Identity

Ahmad Muhajir|Afra Alatas

The debate in Indonesia about the origins of the Ba‘Alawi community reflects the fact that legitimacy is derived not only from lineage but social, historical and religious identity.

Anwar Ibrahim Welcomes Abdul Somad to Putrajaya: What Gives?

Mohd Faizal Musa|Afra Alatas

The Malaysian premier’s warm welcome to a controversial Indonesian preacher should have raised questions about the former’s commitment to moderate Islamic principles. That the visit did not cause more of a stir within Malaysian circles raises even more questions.

An ‘Islamic Lifestyle’: When Piety Meets Consumerism?

Afra Alatas|Nadirah Norruddin

The growing Muslim middle class’s appetite for consumer goods with halal and religious-inspired branding raises challenging questions about whether conspicuous consumption sits well with expressions of religiosity.

Islamisation in Malaysia Beyond UMNO and PAS

Norshahril Saat|Afra Alatas

This article explains why the study of Islamisation in Malaysia should move beyond UMNO and PAS. The focus should instead be on how revivalist ideology has both penetrated the state apparatus and been reinforced by developments in society.

Bon Odori in Malaysia: Dance-off between Revivalism and Multiculturalism

Faris Ridzuan|Afra Alatas

The controversy caused by warnings to Malaysia’s Muslims not to participate in a Japanese-inspired summer festival raises important questions about how Malaysia can sustain its multicultural character against the rising tide of Islamisation.