Aninda Dewayanti

Aninda Dewayanti is a Research Officer in the Indonesia Studies Programme at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

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Indonesians Call for Climate Action but Everyone Must Pull Their Weight

Aninda Dewayanti|Maria Monica Wihardja

There is high awareness among Indonesians about the urgency of climate change and the adoption of environmentally friendly habits but until everyone pulls their weight, including the government curbing large polluters and fixing distortionary incentives, the tide against climate change will not build enough momentum.

Post-R20 Climate Action: What Can We Learn from Indonesian Muslim Environmentalism?

Aninda Dewayanti

Activist groups in Indonesia inspired by Islamic and pro-environment ideas have the potential to do more to address climate change problems, provided those in charge will stop and listen, and perhaps even collaborate.

Addressing food security and climate change at the G20 Summit

Maria Monica Wihardja|Aninda Dewayanti

Worsening climate change adds pressure to food production, and agriculture is a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions. G20 leaders have an opportunity at this November’s Bali summit to address the long-term challenges of revamping the global food system into a more sustainable, resilient and equitable one.

Putting Up a Front: How Indonesians Feel about Jokowi’s Climate Agenda

Aninda Dewayanti

Indonesians’ responses to the Southeast Asia Climate Change Outlook Survey 2022 show mixed feelings about Jakarta’s ability to push for real green transformation, but a chance exists for change to take root.

Attack on Ahmadiyya Mosque in Sintang: An Agony for Humanity

Ahalla Tsauro|Aninda Dewayanti

The minority Ahmadiyya sect has been much aligned for its purportedly ‘deviant’ beliefs. More should be done to address such unfounded conceptions, and provide a safer environment for the sect’s followers in the public sphere.