Drake Avila

Drake Avila graduated from Cornell in May 2021 with a BA in China and Asia-Pacific Studies and Government. He is a student of ethnic politics and Chinese foreign policy in post-coup Myanmar. 

Articles by Drake Avila (2)

Conflict Mismanagement: Beijing and Naypyidaw’s Counter-Effective Moves in Shan State

Drake Avila

Supporting Myanmar’s military junta while backing certain ethnic armed groups in Shan State is proving to be a riskier move for Beijing. The stakes will get higher if the spill-over from local conflicts paves the way for increased resistance to Naypyitaw.

How the Arakan Army Can Capitalise on the Coup

Drake Avila

If the Arakan Army plays its cards right, it could have two prized goals in sight: autonomy for Rakhine State in a loose and federalised system, or even independence.