Htet Myet Min Tun

Htet Myet Min Tun is an ASEAN Undergraduate Scholar at Yale-NUS College. He was previously a research intern at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute

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Beware of False Peace in Myanmar

Htet Myet Min Tun

Despite recent rhetoric from the State Administration Council seeking ‘peace talks’ with ethnic armed organisations in Myanmar, the prospect of true peace will remain elusive for as long as the generals are selling old wine in new bottles.

Myanmar’s State Administration Council: A Shell Entity?

Htet Myet Min Tun

Recent shake-ups in the Tatmadaw show that it may not be as monolithic an institution as it portrays itself to be. The State Administration Council has gradually turned into a shell entity with power becoming more concentrated in the hands of Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.

Myanmar’s National Unity Consultative Council: A Vision of Myanmar’s Federal Future

Htet Myet Min Tun|Moe Thuzar

The National Unity Consultative Council has built on earlier models to map out a vision for Myanmar’s federal future. A key challenge would be to gain the trust of ethnic armed groups and political parties towards Bamar-dominated processes.

Co-opting Civilians into Myanmar’s State Administration Council Junta

Htet Myet Min Tun|Moe Thuzar|Michael J. Montesano

The inclusion of civilians on the country’s latest junta is impossible to understand without a clear appreciation that that this junta is above all an anti-NLD project. This article examines the profiles of the civilians co-opted into the junta.

Min Aung Hlaing and His Generals: Some Biographical Notes

Htet Myet Min Tun|Moe Thuzar|Michael J. Montesano

Following his 1 February seizure of power in Naypyitaw, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing formed an 11-member junta called the State Administration Council (SAC). This article examines the biographical profiles of junta’s key military members, in an effort to better understand the regime.