Hui Yew-Foong

Dr Hui Yew-Foong is Visiting Senior Fellow and Coordinator of the Indonesia Studies Programme with ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

Articles by Hui Yew-Foong (3)

Indonesia and Taliban-Led Afghanistan: Treading with Caution

Syafiq Hasyim|Hui Yew-Foong

Indonesia has been cautious in granting diplomatic recognition to the new Taliban regime in Kabul. There are good reasons for doing so.

A Roadmap for Consolidating Jokowi’s Legacy

Yanuar Nugroho|Hui Yew-Foong

With about two years left in power, Jokowi needs a viable roadmap and sound execution of policies to achieve significant results for his stated priorities. This Long Read proposes some steps to consider.

Gibran Rakabuming Raka and Bobby Nasution

What’s Wrong With Dynastic Politics?

Hui Yew-Foong

Dynastic politics are still at work in Indonesia. While it provides an entry ticket into the political arena, it is no guarantee of success.