James Chai is a Visiting Fellow at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute and a columnist for MalaysiaKini and Sin Chew Daily. 

Articles by James Chai (9)

“Undercover” Ministers in Malaysia

James Chai

A few ministers in the new Malaysian cabinet are providing citizens with a breath of fresh air as they conduct surprise visits to see what ails public services, but the winds of change have not gathered sufficient force for true reform.

The Binding Forces that Hold Malaysia’s Team of Rivals Together

James Chai

The strength of the new unity government in Malaysia lies in three aspects: strategic, legal and relational.

Polarised but Hopeful: How Malaysia’s Gen Zs May Vote, and Why

James Chai

This Long Read features the findings of a recent poll on the voter sentiments of Malaysia’s Gen Zs. A majority of Gen Zs hold low trust in the political actors that are running the country but are nonetheless still politically engaged. 79 per cent of them say that they will most likely turn out to vote in the coming election.

Zooming In on the Government Zoomers Want

James Chai

Political parties and coalitions campaigning in Malaysia’s general election will do better if they take note of the concerns of Gen Z voters.

Zahid Hamidi’s Acquittal: Darker of Darkest Days?

James Chai

UMNO president Zahid Hamidi is leveraging his recent acquittal in a corruption case. But the jury is out as to whether the day has dawned for the party going into the next general elections.