Joseph Buckley

Joe Buckley

Joe Buckley is Visiting Fellow at the Vietnam Studies Programme of ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

Articles by Joe Buckley (4)

When Environmental Sustainability Masks Unsustainable Employment

Joe Buckley

The drive by food delivery platforms to achieve environmental sustainability through the reduction of plastic use belies the fact that these firms do little to create sustainable employment.

Time for Vietnam to Apply Minimum Wage to Gig Economy Workers

Joe Buckley

On paper, gig workers appear to be paid more than their salaried worker counterparts in Vietnam. But the former have to work for longer hours and do not have access to the same benefits enjoyed by the latter. As such, the proposed raise in minimum wage should be applied to gig workers too.

Vietnam’s App-based Driver Protests Surge amidst Rising Petrol Prices

Joe Buckley

Collective strikes by app-based drivers in Vietnam are using strategies previously employed by workers from more traditional sectors. As petrol prices rise, the heat is on the app companies to respond to growing demands for change.

App-based Drivers in Vietnam: More Workers than Contractors

Joe Buckley

There has been a vigorous debate in Vietnam as to whether drivers for digital platforms are workers or contractors. They should be classified as the former.