Julia Lau is a Senior Fellow and Co-Coordinator of the Indonesia Studies Programme, and Editor, Fulcrum at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute. Her research interests include Indonesia’s foreign policy, Singapore’s war memory of the Japanese Occupation, and gerontology.

Articles by Julia Lau (6)

Indonesia as ASEAN Chair: Great Expectations for Southeast Asia’s Middle Power

Julia Lau

After a relatively successful G20 presidency, a confident Indonesia is enjoying its status as a recognised – if yet to be truly tested – Asia-Pacific middle power. Indonesia’s agenda as 2023 ASEAN Chair contains opportunity and risk for its newfound mettle.

Worldview of the Nusantara: Indonesians More Nuanced on Foreign Policy Concerns

Julia Lau

While domestic concerns remain topmost on Indonesians’ minds and will still drive diplomacy, results from a survey in July 2022 hint at a more complex worldview.

Political Succession in Southeast Asia: When Dynasty Might Mean Destiny

Julia Lau

Some of the region’s political scions will be rising through the ranks in future elections, but it is not all smooth sailing in politics even if one is born with a silver spoon.

No Room at the Inn? ASEAN Should Not Delay Timor-Leste’s Membership

Julia Lau

Timor-Leste hopes to become a fully-fledged ASEAN member in 2023 when Indonesia takes over as ASEAN Chair. The regional grouping should allow its admission, even if embracing this newest member, the most democratic in the region by some measures, might prove to be uncomfortable.

Out of the Frying Pan Into the Fire: Cooking Oil Burns Jokowi’s Popularity

Burhanuddin Muhtadi|Julia Lau

Rising inflation in Indonesia, especially for cooking oil prices, has dented President Joko Widodo’s popularity. If left unresolved, his party’s showing in the next elections could well be adversely affected by this issue.