Made Supriatma

Mr Made Supriatma is a Visiting Fellow in the Indonesia Studies Programme at the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.  Made’s research focus is on Indonesian politics, civil-military relations, and ethnic/identity politics and he is also a free-lance journalist.

Articles by Made Supriatma (10)

Ganjar Pranowo’s 2024 Presidential Candidacy: Trapped in the Middle

Made Supriatma

A promising 2024 presidential contender’s hopes rest on political forces beyond his control.

Bobby Nasution

Why Did the Mayor of Medan Make Anti-LGBT Statements?

Made Supriatma

Joko Widodo’s son-in-law, Medan mayor Bobby Nasution, kicked off 2023 with a controversial remark which might prove to be more bane than boon for the aspiring rookie politician.

Indonesia’s New Penal Code: A Setback for Indonesian Democracy

Made Supriatma

The Widodo administration’s heavy-handed ramming through of the revised Criminal Code in late 2022 raises deep concerns about Indonesia’s commitment to democratic process and expression.

PDI-P’s Conundrum: To Nominate or Not to Nominate Ganjar Pranowo?

Made Supriatma

The jostling for Indonesia’s 2024 presidential election has begun, putting a tough choice in front of the biggest political party in parliament.

Rift between Two Indonesian Generals Spotlights Civil-Military Relations

Made Supriatma

A personal spat between two four-star generals spilling into the open has raised questions about military professionalism and elite politics in Indonesia.