Serina Rahman

Dr Serina Rahman is Visiting Fellow at the Malaysia Studies Programme and the Regional Economics Studies Programme at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

A conservation scientist and environmental anthropologist, she is fascinated with all facets of Malaysia’s rural outskirts. Her varied publications are all tributaries of this interest, ranging from rural politics to poverty and livelihoods to socioeconomic values of coastal habitats and the Islamic radicalisation of rural women. She was awarded the Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Award 2014 (for Environmental Protection – Individual), and is the Malaysian Ambassador for Citizen Science Asia. She is also Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Department of Southeast Asian Studies at NUS.

Articles by Serina Rahman (11)

#BenderaPutih: Hoisting the White Flags of Hope

Serina Rahman

The White Flag Movement underscores how Malaysians will go the extra mile to help each other out, at a time when there is growing unhappiness over the government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Measures in Malaysia: Resentment and Rancour Brewing on the Ground

Serina Rahman

As the government rolls out stricter measures to control the spread of COVID-19, it is unfortunate that some people on the ground blame the authorities for their incompetence instead of working together to break the back of the virus.

Borderland Without Business: The Economic Impact of Covid-19 on Peninsular Malaysia’s Southernmost State of Johor

Serina Rahman

The state of Johor has suffered disproportionately among Malaysian states due to the impact of Covid-induced border closures. Increasing poverty and unemployment are compounded by decreasing mental health and well-being. Several initiatives have been launched to alleviate difficulties. But the state will not fully recover until borders reopen, given Johor’s high dependence on international investments and its deep connections with Singapore for business, investment and livelihoods.

Fishermen clearing their crab catch

Covid-19 in Malaysia: Maladies & Misinformation

Serina Rahman

Fake news and the incessant jockeying for political power is complicating Malaysia’s battle against the coronavirus.

Malaysia’s Third Covid-19 Wave

Serina Rahman

Malaysia is suffering from its longest, highest and most politically fraught surge in Covid-19 infections.