Serina Rahman

Dr Serina Rahman is an Associate Fellow at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

A conservation scientist and environmental anthropologist, she is fascinated with all facets of Malaysia’s rural outskirts. Her varied publications are all tributaries of this interest, ranging from rural politics to poverty and livelihoods to socioeconomic values of coastal habitats and the Islamic radicalisation of rural women. She was awarded the Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Award 2014 (for Environmental Protection – Individual), and is the Malaysian Ambassador for Citizen Science Asia. She is also Lecturer at the Department of Southeast Asian Studies, National University of Singapore (NUS).

Articles by Serina Rahman (16)

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Malaysia’s ‘Green Wave’ Was a Long Time Coming

Serina Rahman

Parti Islam SeMalaysia made solid gains during Malaysia’s 15th General Election. It banked on candidates who are deemed to be religious and clean. In future, the party that hews to a more public expression of Islam will be able to hold on to the Malay-Muslim voter base.

Getting Ready for those Business Black Swans

Michael Schaper|Serina Rahman

To prepare for future disasters, the Malaysian government should roll out a national response plan to help smaller businesses tide through the storm.

No April Fool’s Joke: The Singapore-Malaysia Border Finally Reopens

Serina Rahman

The reopening of the Singapore-Malaysia land border on 1 April 2022 will bring crucial relief to the Malaysian economy, but potential confusion about travel requirements may mar this widely anticipated event.

Another Win for Barisan Nasional: Now To Prove Their Worth

Serina Rahman

With its victory in the Johor State elections, Barisan Nasional has won two state elections at a trot in four months. The run-up to election day was somewhat subdued, but the stakes are high, as the coalition rues its chances in the coming general elections.

Parti Warisan in Johor: Making Waves or Merely a Ripple?

Serina Rahman

Parti Warisan from the state of Sabah is seeking a foothold in peninsular Malaysia. It remains to be seen whether it will grab the imagination of the electorate.