Tham Siew Yean

Dr Tham Siew Yean is a Visiting Senior Fellow at the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute and Professor Emeritus, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Articles by Tham Siew Yean (18)

Electric Vehicles in Malaysia: Moving Uphill from Niche to Mass Market

Tham Siew Yean

Malaysia has a long way to go before demand for electric vehicles will rise high enough to reduce carbon emissions, mainly because there is no concerted effort to build the charging infrastructure to support this switch.

Malaysia’s Nationwide Minimum Wage Omits Crucial Regional Differences

Tham Siew Yean|Kevin Zhang

One of the key goals of a minimum wage is to provide employees with a wage that can sustain their basic livelihood. Therefore, a more appropriate minimum wage scale should create several tiers where wages are calibrated according to state or regional differences.

Sustaining Malaysia’s FDI Rebound: Promotion is Good, Facilitation Better

Tham Siew Yean

A better way forward is to continue to enhance investment facilitation measures, making it easier for investors to establish and expand their operations, and conduct their day-to-day business in host countries. In this regard, boosting post-investment, after-care services will grow in importance.

Hydropower Development in Sarawak: Sensitivities over Sustainability and China’s Involvement

Tham Siew Yean

China has become the most significant foreign partner in Sarawak’s hydropower development, as its extensive knowledge and experience in this domain dovetails with Sarawak’s ambitious programme to develop hydropower for its own needs and for export to the region.

The Race to Produce Covid-19 Vaccines in Southeast Asia

Tham Siew Yean

Several Southeast Asian countries are racing to produce home-grown Covid-19 vaccines, to reduce dependence on the vagaries of external sources. Local vaccine manufacturers face significant challenges as well as stiff competition. Nonetheless, the technology acquired and lessons learnt are helpful to prepare the region for future pandemics.