Dr Victor Teo was previously a Visiting Senior Fellow under the Wang Gungwu Visiting Fellows Programme at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

Articles by Victor Teo (4)

Inoculating Against Covid-19 Nationalism in Southeast Asia

Victor Teo

Southeast Asia has not been spared the effects of Covid-19 nationalism. ASEAN member countries can do more to combat vaccine nationalism and hesitancy in the region.

South Korea‘s Southeast Asian Potential

Victor Teo

South Korea is well-positioned to become a more important power for Southeast Asia and ASEAN.

Welcome and Vet: Investments from China in Southeast Asia

Victor Teo

In this geostrategic climate, Southeast Asian countries should welcome rather than reject investment from China for their own developmental needs. This is likely to entice competing investments from the West and Japan.

Japan and Southeast Asia: Kindred Spirits in the era of Trump

Victor Teo

Richard Armitage, a veteran Republican official, has called for an Indo-Pacific that is inclusionary and not directed at any country. His view is markedly different from that of many Trump officials, and is similar to that of Japan and many countries in Southeast Asia.