Ahmad Najib Burhani

Dr Ahmad Najib Burhani is a Visiting Fellow at the Indonesia Studies Programme of the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute and Researcher at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Jakarta.

Articles by Ahmad Najib Burhani (10)

Digital Islam in Indonesia: The Shift of Ritual and Religiosity during Covid-19

Wahyudi Akmaliah|Ahmad Najib Burhani

Covid-19 has forced various Muslim groups to adopt digital platforms in their religious activities. Controversy, however, abounds regarding the online version of the Friday Prayer. In Islamic law, this ritual is wajib (mandatory) for male Muslims.

The New, and Not, of Terrorist Attacks in Indonesia

Ahmad Najib Burhani

New perpetrators and tactics, and persistent ideological battles, make fighting terrorism harder.

The Hijab in Indonesian Public Schools: Individual Rights vs. Identity Politics

Ahmad Najib Burhani

Regulating the hijab has long been a tool for both sides in Indonesia’s identity politics struggle.

Will the Banning of the FPI Thwart Radicalism?

Ahmad Najib Burhani

The latest banning of a hardline Islamist grouping in Indonesia may see history repeat itself, reassuringly.

The Return of a Firebrand Cleric: Consolidation of Islamic Vigilantism?

Ahmad Najib Burhani

The return of a firebrand cleric to Indonesia will have an impact on the dynamics of religiosity in the country. It will also empower and consolidate groups opposed to the government of Joko Widodo.