Daungyewa Utarasint

Daungyewa (Hong) Utarasint is Visiting Assistant Professor, Arts and Humanities at NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD). She holds a Ph.D. in International, Political and Strategic Studies from the Australian National University. Daungyewa focuses on political violence and the effects of separatism and terrorism on voting behaviour in Thailand. Her current research investigates women and voting behaviour amid conflict in the southernmost provinces of Thailand, examining obstacles to women’s political participation, including how religion and cultural norms affect women’s political mobility. Before joining NYUAD, Daungyewa was a lecturer of Political Science at Prince of Songkla University and a research associate at The Center for Conflict Studies and Cultural Diversity (CSCD), Pattani, Thailand. 

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Wan Nor: Hero from the Deep South but Not the Saviour of Thai Democracy

Daungyewa Utarasint

The twin burdens placed on a veteran Thai politician hailing from the south will test his political skill and stamina. No less than the future of Thai democracy may be at stake.