Fernando A. Santiago, Jr.

Fernando A. Santiago, Jr. is Associate Professor in History and Director of the Southeast Asia Research Center and Hub (SEARCH) at De La Salle University in the Philippines.

Articles by Fernando A. Santiago, Jr. (3)

Imagining Marcos Jr. as the “Strong Leader” in an Age of Digital Disinformation

Jason Vincent A. Cabañes|Fernando A. Santiago, Jr.

Digital disinformation has been menacingly deployed to distort historical narratives about the Philippines’ Martial Law period in the 1970s and early 1980s. This tactic, bolstered by social media technologies, has masterfully resonated with the yearning for a “strong leader” who is independent of the country’s elites and able to discipline the nation’s masses.

Digital Disinformation and Anti-Chinese Resentment in the Philippines

Jason Vincent A. Cabañes|Fernando A. Santiago, Jr.

In the Philippines, digital disinformation campaigns have become central to electoral politics. Unfortunately, their use of vitriolic and socially divisive techniques has become increasingly normalised in the country’s politics, as these techniques are put into play even between national voting seasons.

Counter-Disinformation Beyond Fact-Checking: Insights from the Philippines

Jason Vincent A. Cabañes|Fernando A. Santiago, Jr.

The Philippines is currently at the global cutting edge of fake news and political trolling online. Unfortunately, the country has yet to find firm footing in stemming disinformation’s unruly growth.