Francis E. Hutchinson

Dr Francis E. Hutchinson is a Senior Fellow and coordinator of the Malaysia Studies Programme at the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

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Malaysia’s Electoral Cycle – Now Two-Level Chess?

Francis E. Hutchinson

Only a small number of Malaysian states are likely to hold their state elections in tandem with the national election. This might not be a bad thing, since more attention might be put on local issues and the quality of state governments.

The Implications of Najib Razak’s Jail Term

Francis E. Hutchinson|Lee Hwok-Aun

In this episode of Dialogues at Fulcrum, William Choong, Managing Editor of Fulcrum, talks to Francis Hutchinson and Lee Hwok Aun about the implications of the jailing of former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. Dr Hutchinson and Dr Lee are the Coordinator and Co-coordinator of ISEAS’ Malaysia Studies Programme respectively.

Najib Razak’s Political Career: The End of the Beginning or the End of the End? 

Francis E. Hutchinson

After a span of four years, Najib Razak has exhausted his legal options and is now in jail for, among other things, criminal breach of trust. He still has some legal recourse, but at the moment things are looking good for Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

UMNO’s Constitutional Amendment: A Done Deal?

Francis E. Hutchinson

Pending approval from the government, UMNO’s Supreme Council can now delay elections for up to 18 months from a full three-year term or 6 months after a general election — whichever is later. The rationale is that this would allow the party to overcome any internal divisions arising during the polls and focus its energies on the next general election.

Johor’s Menteri Besar Surprise: Poster Boy Makes Way For King’s Man

Francis E. Hutchinson

The appointment of a relatively junior assemblyman to be Johor’s Menteri Besar is curious. But there are deeper undercurrents at work.