Francis E. Hutchinson

Dr Francis E. Hutchinson is a Senior Fellow and coordinator of the Malaysia Studies Programme at the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

Articles by Francis E. Hutchinson (24)

Malaysia’s New Cabinet: Same-Same, Minus the Buzz

Francis E. Hutchinson

The new Malaysian cabinet looks very similar to that of its Perikatan Nasional predecessor. By seeking to ensure continuity, new prime minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob has sacrificed the new administration’s honeymoon period. It needs to generate some inspiring ideas.

Malaysia’s Latest Political Fisticuffs – Muhyiddin or Zahid on the Ropes?

Francis E. Hutchinson

In the past week, the Malaysian prime minister had to absorb a couple of political blows. But his coalition is not in any immediate danger — yet.

Muhyiddin’s Gambit: Royally Blocked

Francis E. Hutchinson

What the Prime Minister has proposed in suspending Parliament, the King has blocked. PM Muhyiddin ignores the will of the Sovereign at his peril.

Malaysia’s Federal and State Government Vaccine Drives: Too Many Cooks?

Francis E. Hutchinson

Due to the federal government’s slow vaccination rate, some state governments have stepped into the breach to inoculate their populations. Their collective experience thus far has been somewhat patchy.

DAP Johor Party Elections: A “Fourpeat” for State Chief Liew Chin Tong

Kevin Zhang|Francis E. Hutchinson

Liew Chin Tong’s win in the Johor state party elections is a win for Lim Kit Siang in the coming DAP national party elections.