Ivan Victor Small

Ivan V. Small

Dr Ivan V. Small is a Visiting Senior Fellow with the Vietnam Studies Programme at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

Articles by Ivan V. Small (4)

“Giving Back”: Vietnam’s Shifting Philanthropic Landscape

Ivan V. Small

As Vietnam graduates from official development assistance, diasporic business leaders and their firms are filling the humanitarian assistance gap.

Vietnam’s Car Market and AFTA: Kicking it Up a Gear

Ivan V. Small

Vietnam is one of ASEAN’s most promising car markets. To tap the growing potential in-country and across ASEAN, however, Hanoi will need to leverage on — and slalom around — a raft of regional free trade agreements.

Not Welcome Home – Vietnamese Abroad and Tết in the Year of the Buffalo

Ivan V. Small

Vietnam’s border closures keep families apart and economic opportunities unrealised.

Assimilating Southeast Asian Migrants into South Korea: Expanding the Meaning of Being “Korean”

Ivan V. Small

Services to assimilate the Vietnamese diaspora into South Korea’s culture have helped to make connections with migrants from other countries, as well as diversify Korean society.