Dr Le Hong Hiep is a Senior Fellow at the Regional Strategic and Political Studies Programme and Coordinator of the Vietnam Studies Programme at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute. He is also an editor of the institute’s flagship journal Contemporary Southeast Asia.

Hiep holds a BA from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, a MA in International Relations and a Master of Diplomacy from the Australian National University. In 2015, Hiep earned his PhD in Political and International Studies from the University of New South Wales, funded by the Prime Minister’s Australia Asia Award.

Before joining ISEAS, Hiep worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam and taught at the Faculty of International Relations, Vietnam National University-HCMC.

Articles by Le Hong Hiep (31)

Nominees and ‘Backyard Companies’: How Vietnamese Officials Conceal Their Illicit Wealth

Le Hong Hiep

Not a single Vietnamese leader or official has been named in the Pandora Papers, which has shed light on global leaders squirrelling their wealth away from the eyes of the taxman. As the saying goes, the absence of evidence does not necessarily mean the evidence of absence.

Wang Yi’s Visit to Vietnam: Reasserting Influence, Regaining Balance

Hoang Thi Ha|Le Hong Hiep

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Vietnam on 10-12 September was part of Beijing’s efforts to pull Hanoi back from its perceived ‘tilt’ towards Washington. More than ever, Vietnam’s foreign policy mantra, “firm in objectives, flexible in strategies and tactics”, is being put to test.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s Southeast Asia Tour: Assurances and Dividends

William Choong|Hoang Thi Ha|Le Hong Hiep|Ian Storey

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s visit to three Southeast Asian countries in July 2021 was aimed at reaffirming America’s commitment to regional alliances and partnerships amid concerns of US neglect of the region in the first six months of the Biden administration.

Secretary Austin’s Visit to Vietnam: Building Trust to Strengthen Defence Ties

Le Hong Hiep

The expected signing of a memorandum of understanding to resolve war legacy issues during US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s visit to Vietnam will go a long way in developing bilateral defence ties.

Challenges Facing Vietnam’s Covid-19 Vaccination Drive

Le Hong Hiep

Vietnam is accelerating efforts to secure adequate vaccine supplies amidst a resurgence of Covid-19 infections in the country.