Leo Suryadinata

Dr Leo Suryadinata is Visiting Senior Fellow at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

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Retno Goes to Washington: Indonesia Sticks to ‘Free and Active’ Foreign Policy

Leo Suryadinata|William Choong

Washington has played up its growing relationship with Jakarta. For the latter, it is all about what Jakarta can get from the closer ties, and balancing its position within the Sino-US relationship.

Jokowi Speaks Out on Myanmar

Leo Suryadinata

In response to Myanmar’s coup, the Jokowi administration is reverting to Indonesia’s traditional leadership role in ASEAN.

Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year or “China’s New Year”? The Rise of (China’s) Identity Politics

Leo Suryadinata

In multi-ethnic Southeast Asia, the term “Lunar New Year” is more befitting than “Chinese New Year”. The traditional celebration has always transcended ethnicity and national identity.

Anti-Chinese Sentiment or Mere Labour Dispute?

Leo Suryadinata

A recent demonstration against a Chinese nickel company in Southeast Sulawesi could be a labour dispute – or something more.

Prime Minister Suga Goes to Jakarta

Leo Suryadinata

Prime Minister Suga’s first trip shows that an “independent and active” Indonesia is not an easy partner for Japan’s Free and Open Indo-Pacific strategy.