Lili Yan Ing

Dr Lili Yan Ing is Secretary-General of the International Economic Association (IEA) and Lead Advisor, Southeast Asia Region at the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA).

Articles by Lili Yan Ing (2)

ASEAN in the Global Semiconductor Race

Lili Yan Ing|Ivana Markus

Lili Yan Ing and Ivana Markus take stock of the current state of the global semiconductor race between China and the United States, and how the ASEAN region should navigate the growing rivalry.

Digital Transformation under Indonesia’s G20 Presidency: What can it Deliver?

Lili Yan Ing|Titik Anas|Maria Monica Wihardja

Indonesia’s G20 presidency has committed to take action in the three priority areas of digital transformation, global health infrastructure and energy transition. But the war in Ukraine threatens to overshadow the agenda. The G20 may have to be satisfied with lowest common denominator agreements, though Indonesia clearly aspires for more.