Maria Monica Wihardja

Dr Maria Monica Wihardja is an Economist and Visiting Fellow in the Indonesia Studies Programme and the Regional Economic Studies Programme at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

Articles by Maria Monica Wihardja (5)

Digital Transformation under Indonesia’s G20 Presidency: What can it Deliver?

Lili Yan Ing|Titik Anas|Maria Monica Wihardja

Indonesia’s G20 presidency has committed to take action in the three priority areas of digital transformation, global health infrastructure and energy transition. But the war in Ukraine threatens to overshadow the agenda. The G20 may have to be satisfied with lowest common denominator agreements, though Indonesia clearly aspires for more.

More Food, Less Fight: Can Jokowi Deliver on Indonesia’s G20 Presidency?

Maria Monica Wihardja

Indonesia's G20 Presidency has set three priorities: global health infrastructure, digital economic transformation and energy transition. However, due to food and fuel price hikes, global food security is rising up the G20 agenda.

To Ban or Not To Ban? How Indonesia Can Overcome the Global Food Crisis

Maria Monica Wihardja|Arianto Patunru

Jakarta’s latest decision to briefly ban the export of crude palm oil has not helped Indonesians reeling from rising food prices. Rather than bending with the political wind, Indonesia’s leaders should steer its course by reconsidering fundamentals to improve its competitiveness in the global food economy.

Indonesia’s New Food Agency: No Fast Food Solutions

Maria Monica Wihardja|Siwage Dharma Negara

Indonesia's food policy management has received a potential boost as it has set up a new National Food Agency (NFA), but vast challenges lie ahead as NFA's leader figures out how to feed the world's fourth most populous country in the face of growing external shocks to its food supplies.

Liberation Technology? The Digital Era and Indigenous Survival in West Kalimantan

Irendra Radjawali|Maria Monica Wihardja

The survival of the Sungai Utik people and their customary forest needs deliberate imagining in this digital era. The community must think carefully about the future they want for themselves and their forest and seize opportunities to use digital technologies to their advantage.