Maria Monica Wihardja

Dr Maria Monica Wihardja is an Economist and was a Visiting Fellow in the Indonesia Studies Programme and the Regional Economic Studies Programme at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

Articles by Maria Monica Wihardja (11)

Going Beyond Commitments: Learning Sustainability Financing from the G20

Maria Monica Wihardja

Maria Monica Wihardja provides an overview of how Indonesia spearheaded the G20 Sustainability Financing initiatives and how ASEAN can learn from that experience.

Indonesia Shepherding an ASEAN Digital Community

Maria Monica Wihardja|Ibrahim Kholilul Rohman

A truly regional digital community with borderless transactions and equitable access to online services must start with actual progress in the smallest of goals for an ASEAN-wide digitisation and digitalisation.

An ethnic Hmong hill tribeswoman harvesting buckwheat

Towards Resilient Agricultural Value Chains in the Mekong

Jayant Menon|Elyssa Kaur Ludher|Maria Monica Wihardja

The development of the agricultural sector in the Greater Mekong Subregion will play an important role in inclusive growth and social upliftment.

Indonesians Call for Climate Action but Everyone Must Pull Their Weight

Aninda Dewayanti|Maria Monica Wihardja

There is high awareness among Indonesians about the urgency of climate change and the adoption of environmentally friendly habits but until everyone pulls their weight, including the government curbing large polluters and fixing distortionary incentives, the tide against climate change will not build enough momentum.

What We Measure Shapes What We Become: Moving Beyond GDP towards Comprehensive Well-Being 

Putu Geniki L. Natih|Maria Monica Wihardja

Measurement of development goals should clearly encapsulate societal values and goals. Advancements should be measured in terms of human well-being, which intrinsically also includes environmental sustainability, not just production and consumption.