Dr Nguyen Khac Giang is Visiting Fellow at the Vietnam Studies Programme of the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute. He was previously Research Fellow at the Vietnam Center for Economic and Strategic Studies.

Articles by Nguyen Khac Giang (8)

U.S. President Joe Biden makes a toast with Vietnam's President Vo Van Thuong (R) during a State luncheon at the Presidential Palace in Hanoi on September 11, 2023.

Vietnam and Washington’s “De-risking” Strategy: It’s the Economy, Stupid

Nguyen Khac Giang

The historic upgrade in Vietnam-U.S. relations has more to do with the economics than defence and security.

Vietnam and Thailand’s Rice Cartel is a Hard Sell – but Rice Farmers Need More Help

Nguyen Khac Giang

Vietnam and Thailand have repeatedly sought to form a rice cartel to influence rice prices, but such an initiative faces ethical, political and practical hurdles. A rice consortium pursuing multiple objectives offers a better option for developing the rice sector and supporting rice farmers.

Middle-Power Diplomacy: Decoding Vietnam’s Recent Diplomatic Endeavours

Nguyen Khac Giang

Vietnam’s continued engagement with regional middle powers such as India and South Korea enhances its autonomy in a time of intensified great power competition between China and the U.S.

Navigating Electricity Reform in Vietnam

Nguyen Khac Giang

Vietnam needs to reform its power sector to meet the challenges of climate change or face much worse than its current heatwave.

Can Vietnam Benefit from the Global Chip Rush?

Nguyen Khac Giang

Vietnam’s semiconductor industry is expanding rapidly as firms caught in the ensuing U.S.-China trade war seek refuge in the country. But Hanoi needs to bolster support for domestic semiconductor firms to make the country a significant player in the global chip market.