Norshahril Saat

Dr Norshahril Saat is a Senior Fellow at the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute and Coordinator at the Regional Social and Cultural Studies Programme.

In 2015, he was awarded a PhD in International, Political and Strategic Studies by the Australian National University (ANU). he received a BA (Hons) in Political Science and MA in Malay Studies from the National University of Singapore. He was a recipient of the following scholarships and awards: NUS MA Scholar (2008), Tun Dato’ Sir Cheng Lock Tan ISEAS MA Scholar (2008), MUIS PhD Scholar (2012), and Syed Isa Semait Scholar (2015).

He was the Principal Investigator of a recently concluded MOE (Social Science Research Thematic Grant, SSRTG) entitled Singapore’s Islamic Studies Graduates: Their Role and Impact in a Plural Society.

He is currently a member of the Editorial Committee for the journal SOJOURN. He also sit as volunteer in numerous advisory boards, including as the Chairman of Malay Heritage Foundation (MHF).

Articles by Norshahril Saat (38)

Malaysia’s New PM: The Need to Get It Right for the Country

Norshahril Saat

Malaysia’s new premier Anwar Ibrahim has made the right moves in his first week in office. Going forward, however, he has a slew of challenges.

Identity Politics Might Undermine Malay/Muslim Unity

Norshahril Saat

Three broad coalitions are gunning for the Malay/ Muslim vote in Malaysia’s general election. The question is whether voters still regard the issues of race and religion as important.

Islamisation in Malaysia Beyond UMNO and PAS

Norshahril Saat|Afra Alatas

This article explains why the study of Islamisation in Malaysia should move beyond UMNO and PAS. The focus should instead be on how revivalist ideology has both penetrated the state apparatus and been reinforced by developments in society.

Islamic Studies and Intellectualism in Indonesia: Remembering Professor Azyumardi Azra

Norshahril Saat|Syafiq Hasyim

Islamic scholars and Indonesia’s public alike mourn the untimely passing of Azyumardi Azra, a leading light in Islamic intellectual discourse at home and abroad.

Malaysia’s Multi-coalition Platter Spices Up Talk of Fragmented Parliament  

Norshahril Saat

Whenever the next Malaysian general elections are held, voters will be in for a bumpier ride as coalition politics lead to more uncertainty about how the next government will shape up.