Pagon Gatchalee

Pagon Gatchalee is Lecturer in Marketing, Chiang Mai Business School, Chiang Mai University. He is an expert in modern China especially Chinese business and marketing. He studied and worked as researcher and special lecturer related to Chinese issues for more than 10 years. His research interests are Modern China, Chinese marketing, Cross Border E-commerce, Digital marketing, AI marketing.

Articles by Pagon Gatchalee (2)

New Chinese Migrants in Chiang Mai: Parallel Paths for Social Interaction and Cultural Adjustment

Aranya Siriphon|Fanzura Banu|Pagon Gatchalee

While descendants of older Chinese migrants in Thailand consider themselves Thai, new Chinese migrants tend to struggle with assimilating, due partly to negative stereotypes about foreign Chinese. This Long Read explores the parallel communities these new Chinese migrants have forged to address their needs for social integration.

Bangkok’s New Chinatown: Waiting for Another Ka-Ching 

Aranya Siriphon|Fanzura Banu|Pagon Gatchalee

Bangkok’s ‘new Chinatown’ flourished when a steady stream of Chinese tourists visited the area. As the country prepares to re-open its borders, the question is whether the area will revisit its glory days.