Punchada Sirivunnabood

Dr Punchada Sirivunnabood was Visiting Fellow at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute. She is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand.

Articles by Punchada Sirivunnabood (17)

Pheu Thai at the Crossroads: Navigating Thailand’s Senate-Driven Hung Parliament

Punchada Sirivunnabood|Napon Jatusripitak

The Pheu Thai Party’s path to political power is strewn with many obstacles and the need to make difficult compromises with erstwhile enemies.

Thammanat versus Phalang Pracharat: Who Will Win?

Punchada Sirivunnabood

Controversial Thai politician Thammanat Prompow is proving his mettle as an adept political fixer and could well emerge as kingmaker at the next elections.

The Drugs Trade in a Time of Covid-19: Still Rolling

Punchada Sirivunnabood

The Covid-19 pandemic and associated movement restrictions have not inhibited the drugs trade in around the Golden Triangle. In fact it appears to have worsened it.

Thailand’s Warring Generals: Different Beds, Same Dream

Punchada Sirivunnabood

The Thai prime minister might soon leave the ruling Phalang Pracharat Party-led governing coalition. Ironically, his departure might actually boost the party's chances of assembling a winning coalition come the elections expected next year.

Reform of the Thai Police: An Impossible Dream?

Punchada Sirivunnabood

A recent police scandal has again sparked calls for reform of the Thai police force. There have been numerous attempts in the past, but the key problem is the entrenched relationship between powerful politicians and senior police officers.