Sanchita Basu Das

Dr Sanchita Basu Das is Associate Fellow at the Regional Economic Studies Programme (RES), ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute. She was formerly Lead Researcher (Economics) at the ASEAN Studies Centre and Fellow at RES in the same institute.

Articles by Sanchita Basu Das (4)

ASEAN Cooperation Post-2025: A Vision for Collaborative Governance

Sanchita Basu Das

As ASEAN emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an opportunity for collaborative governance to boost the region’s capacity to meet future challenges in the economy, geopolitics, and the environment.

ASEAN-India Relations: Time to Match Rhetoric with Actions

Sharon Seah|Sanchita Basu Das

India has often been viewed as punching under its weight when it comes to engaging the region. It is time for India to match its economic commitment to ASEAN with more strategic heft, as it commemorates 30 years of partnership with the regional bloc.

Tourism in Southeast Asia: Building Forward Better

Sanchita Basu Das

Countries need to mutually recognize each other’s vaccination certificates, harmonize rules on travel procedures, and safeguard public health to manage the pandemic. This will enable the countries to capture new source markets, thus compensating for the revenue loss due to the decrease in Chinese tourists.

Seamless ASEAN Sky: Policymakers Need to Look Beyond Obstacles

Sanchita Basu Das

The 32nd ASEAN Summit ended with a commitment towards a Seamless ASEAN Sky. Both the trajectory to open skies across ASEAN member states will see some turbulence. Necessary reforms are needed to make the concept a reality.