Sithanonxay Suvannaphakdy

Sithanonxay Suvannaphakdy (PhD) is an economist with more than seven years research experience in regional economic integration, economic development, and public administration. His career has focused on research and project management in trade, economic development and sustainable development programs. These cover multiple scales including project, program, national and regional scales. He works extensively with the private sector, public sector, bilateral development agencies and multilateral financial institutions.

Since January 2020, he has served as a Lead Researcher at the ASEAN Studies Centre, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute, where he undertakes policy-oriented research on ASEAN’s economic integration with particular focus on ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

Articles by Sithanonxay Suvannaphakdy (11)

Paperless Trade in ASEAN: A Long Way To Go

Sithanonxay Suvannaphakdy

Digitalising paperless trade across ASEAN will help the grouping strengthen supply chains amid the Covid-19 pandemic. But ASEAN has a long way to go.

Omicron: Threat to ASEAN’s Trade Recovery

Sithanonxay Suvannaphakdy

The new Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus could impact trade in goods and services in ASEAN economies due to increased travel restrictions and the risk of more lockdowns.

Easier Monetary Policies Amid Covid-19: Maintain, Not Roll Back

Sithanonxay Suvannaphakdy|Neo Guo Wei Kevin

Southeast Asia economies have maintained easier monetary policies to cushion the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now that prices are trending upward, they should think twice before tightening the policies.

Freeing Trade in the Greater Mekong Subregion

Sithanonxay Suvannaphakdy

Implementing WTO trade facilitation commitments will be key.

Covid-19 and ASEAN: Facilitating Trade in Perishable Goods

Sithanonxay Suvannaphakdy

Fulfilling their WTO obligations will expedite perishable goods trade among ASEAN member states.