Siti Mazidah Mohamad

Dr Siti Mazidah Mohamad was Visiting Fellow at the Regional Social and Cultural Studies Programme, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

Articles by Siti Mazidah Mohamad (3)

Can Piety be Classy? Symbols and Societal Tensions Underlying “Branded” Hijabs

Siti Mazidah Mohamad|Norshahril Saat

Malay/Muslim women in fashionable headscarves are influencing Islamic fashion trends across the globe and the trend can make a statement personally, politically, and piously.

Digitally Connected Youth as Potential Agents for Brunei’s Socio-cultural Change

Siti Mazidah Mohamad

Just like young people in other nation-states who are digital natives, Brunei’s youth are making their presence felt online and off, in culture, politics, and society.

Persuasion Not Regulation the Key for Social Media Influencers Navigating Religion and Culture

Siti Mazidah Mohamad

There is already a patchwork of laws supported by some communal surveillance and cultural policing when it comes to social media influencers in Muslim-majority countries in Southeast Asia. It is perhaps possible to socialise influencers, Muslim or otherwise, to tread carefully when navigating sensitive issues, but this must stop short of over-regulation.