Siwage Dharma Negara

Dr Siwage Dharma Negara is an ISEAS Senior Fellow, co-coordinator of the Indonesia Studies Programme, and the coordinator of the APEC Study Centre.

Articles by Siwage Dharma Negara (2)

The Riau Islands’ New Leadership: Glimmers of Light Amid the Gloom

Siwage Dharma Negara

A new leadership team in Indonesia’s Riau Islands has bold plans to steer the region back into growth, after a gruelling year fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. If they play their cards right, they are in it with a fighting chance.

Covid-19 and Indonesia: Not Quite a Lockdown

Siwage Dharma Negara

Jakarta has studied the examples of Malaysia and India and decided not to implement a full lockdown amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The social and economic costs are deemed to be too high.