Tang Siew Mun

Dr Tang Siew Mun was previously the Head of the ASEAN Studies Centre and a Senior Fellow at the Regional Strategic and Political Studies programme at the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute. He was previously Director for Foreign Policy and Security Studies at the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS), Malaysia and Senior Lecturer at the National University of Malaysia.

Articles by Tang Siew Mun (7)

What India’s Withdrawal from RCEP Means for ASEAN, India and the Indo-Pacific Concept

Tang Siew Mun

India's surprise withdrawal from the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership has diminished the country's strategic weight and relevance. The withdrawal consitutes a major setback to the Indo-Pacific concept and has caused ASEAN to lose a counterweight to aspiring powers with hegemonic ambitions.

US Downgrading of Summit Representations Sets Worrying Precedent for ASEAN

Tang Siew Mun|Glenn Ong

The appointment of National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien as the United States' Special Envoy to the East Asia Summit should have been seen as a sign of encouragement due to his close connection to the President. But it may also be perceived as a snub as he will be the first US delegate who is deemed to be not senior enough in the pecking order.

Reviewing Mahathir’s and Malaysia’s Foreign Policy

Tang Siew Mun

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's visit to Japan in June 2018 signaled the government's interest to work closely with Japan. While affirming friendly ties with China, Malaysia will vigorously defend its rights in the South China Sea disputes.

How ASEAN Supports the Korean Peninsula Peace Process

Tang Siew Mun

The historic meeting between US President, Donald Trump, and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's (DPRK) State Affairs Commission Chairman, Mr Kim Jong Un, paved the way for DPRK participation in the ASEAN Regional Forum. With the resumption of trade and bilateral engagement with ASEAN member states, Pyongyang has a higher stake in the maintenance of regional peace and stability.

A Futile Call: Making Bahasa Melayu ASEAN’s Official Language

Tang Siew Mun

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib's proposal to adopt the Malay language as ASEAN's “main and official language” is unrealistic and divisive. It could also rollback ASEAN's gains in positioning the regional organisation as a global entity. Instead, it should focus on more urgent and pressing matters of community-building.