Wahyudi Akmaliah

Wahyudi Akmaliyah is a Ph.D. candidate in Malay Studies at the National University of Singapore and a Researcher at BRIN (National Research and Innovation Agency), Jakarta.

Articles by Wahyudi Akmaliah (4)

Meatball Soup on Instagram: (Not) Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill

Wahyudi Akmaliah|A'an Suryana

A proverbial storm has erupted in Indonesia over a foodie influencer enjoying a humble bowl of meatball soup with non-halal crackers. Calmer heads should have prevailed.

The 212 Movement: Lying Low But Up Against the Jokowi Administration

Syafiq Hasyim|Wahyudi Akmaliah

Despite observations that the group has become defunct, the 212 Movement has held a series of gatherings to display their opposition to President Joko Widodo. One thing is clear: the movement will not endorse presidential candidates endorsed by Widodo.

Finding Soulmates through Halal Means: Ta‘aruf Online for Indonesian Muslim Youth

Wahyudi Akmaliah

The popularity of so-called halal matchmaking apps is a positive development provided developers and users alike remain clear-eyed about their claims to serve Islam.

Digital Islam in Indonesia: The Shift of Ritual and Religiosity during Covid-19

Wahyudi Akmaliah|Ahmad Najib Burhani

Covid-19 has forced various Muslim groups to adopt digital platforms in their religious activities. Controversy, however, abounds regarding the online version of the Friday Prayer. In Islamic law, this ritual is wajib (mandatory) for male Muslims.