William Choong

Dr William Choong is a Senior Fellow at the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute and Managing Editor at Fulcrum.

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In Conversation with Parag Khanna

William Choong

In this inaugural episode of Dialogues at Fulcrum, William Choong, Managing Editor of Fulcrum, sits down with Parag Khanna to discuss his book, “The Future is Asian: Commerce, Conflict and Culture in the 21st Century”.

The ASEAN Way: Zen and the Art of Great Power Maintenance

William Choong

Recent official rejections of China’s “nine dash line” claims in the South China Sea by Southeast Asian disputant states are not about closer alignment with the US.

The State of Southeast Asia Survey

Japan and Southeast Asia – Power and Propinquity

William Choong

The latest State of Southeast Asia Survey is a ringing endorsement of Japan’s decades-long involvement and investment in the region.

Southeast Asia and America: Biding for Biden

William Choong

Some Asian states have gushed over the new Biden Administration’s return to foreign policy normalcy. However, the last “normal” American administration had a mixed bag of outcomes in the region.

South Korean protestors hold up "Yankee go home" placards

Yankee Come Back – But We Will Cope, With or Without You

William Choong

America is in a weaker position in Southeast Asia now than four years ago and regional states are adjusting to this reality.