William Choong

Dr William Choong is a Senior Fellow at the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute and Managing Editor at Fulcrum.

Articles by William Choong (29)

South Korea: A Global Pivotal State, Not Quite

William Choong|Joanne Lin

South Korea has far-reaching geopolitical ambitions but focusing on the regions closest to it will bring more dividends in a competitive world.

Japan’s Role in Regional Security: Recalibration and Regional Reactions

Joseph Chinyong Liow|William Choong

Anti-militarist sentiments have been pervasive among ordinary Japanese since World War Two. But as the recent recalibration of Japan’s security and defence policy has shown, the country has not been stuck in the pacifist mould.

Why ASEAN Appreciates Japan’s Nuanced Approach to Regional Order

Joanne Lin|William Choong

Japan’s foreign policy stance strikes the right tone in a region on alert for potential big power rivalry to worsen.

Southeast Asians Mull Over a Taiwan Conflict: Big Concerns But Limited Choices

William Choong|Hoang Thi Ha

In the event of hostilities in the Taiwan Strait, Southeast Asian countries will face a difficult dilemma. Their latitude for manoeuvre will be limited, particularly as the Philippines, a key ASEAN member and a U.S. treaty ally, prepares to provide base access to the United States in such a contingency.

Avoiding Divots in the U.S. Pivot to Asia

William Choong

While the Americans have made noticeable progress in their “pivot” to Asia, the crux of successful regional engagement rests on Washington’s ability to work with and around China’s indisputable links and influence in this part of the world, while managing its own relationship with Beijing.