William Choong

Dr William Choong is a Senior Fellow at the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute and Managing Editor at Fulcrum.

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A Xi-Biden Handshake Does Not Bridge the Sino-U.S. Schism, But Is a Start

Hoang Thi Ha|William Choong

The handshakes and smiles in Bali have triggered some optimism about Sino-U.S. relations going forward. Yet the slight uptick in Sino-U.S. relations post-Bali might well be short-lived, given the superpowers’ underlying structural competition and deep mutual distrust.

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The United Kingdom and the Indo-Pacific: “Tilting” or Tottering?

Joanne Lin|William Choong

The United Kingdom (U.K.) has launched a robust “tilt” towards the Indo-Pacific. To its credit, it has executed a series of high-profile diplomatic engagements and military deployments to the region. The question, however, is not about London’s desire to engage with the dynamic region but whether this tilt can be sustained.

When Lack of Jaw Jaw Might Lead to War War

William Choong

Washington and Beijing’s refusal to talk calmly to each other about the ongoing Taiwan crisis raises the stakes for Southeast Asia, which is already dealing with the repercussions of the chill between the great powers.

Australia and ASEAN Relations: Hard Yakka Ahead

William Choong

Australia has made significant inroads in its engagement with ASEAN. But Canberra’s relationship with the grouping will be a hard slog, given their differences in approaching China and ensuring that Sino-U.S. rivalry does not derail regional aspirations.

Kishida’s Charm Diplomacy in Southeast Asia: Moral Suasion Does the Trick

Lim Tai Wei|William Choong

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s visits to Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand have burnished Japan’s regional credentials, particularly on contentious issues such as the war in Ukraine, the South China Sea disputes and the evolving order in the Indo-Pacific.