William Choong

Dr William Choong is a Senior Fellow at the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute and Managing Editor at Fulcrum.

Articles by William Choong (4)

The State of Southeast Asia Survey

Japan and Southeast Asia – Power and Propinquity

William Choong

The latest State of Southeast Asia Survey is a ringing endorsement of Japan’s decades-long involvement and investment in the region.

Southeast Asia and America: Biding for Biden

William Choong

Some Asian states have gushed over the new Biden Administration’s return to foreign policy normalcy. However, the last “normal” American administration had a mixed bag of outcomes in the region.

South Korean protestors hold up "Yankee go home" placards

Yankee Come Back – But We Will Cope, With or Without You

William Choong

America is in a weaker position in Southeast Asia now than four years ago and regional states are adjusting to this reality.

Smaller Countries in the Asia-Pacific: Mired in the Middling Middle

William Choong

Rising Sino-US rivalry and a rapidly changing geopolitical environment means that smaller states in the Asia-Pacific are increasingly compelled to “choose sides” between the two major powers. They are, however, not short of options.