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Dr William Choong is a Senior Fellow at the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute and Managing Editor at Fulcrum.

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In Conversation: ASEAN’s Special Mission to Myanmar

William Choong

In this episode of Dialogues at Fulcrum, William Choong, Managing Editor of Fulcrum, talks to two ISEAS researchers about the ongoing political developments in Myanmar after the February 2021 coup. They discuss the impending visit of ASEAN’s Special Envoy to Myanmar, and the challenges and opportunities that will come with the trip.

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William Choong

Retno Goes to Washington: Indonesia Sticks to ‘Free and Active’ Foreign Policy

Leo Suryadinata|William Choong

Washington has played up its growing relationship with Jakarta. For the latter, it is all about what Jakarta can get from the closer ties, and balancing its position within the Sino-US relationship.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s Southeast Asia Tour: Assurances and Dividends

William Choong|Hoang Thi Ha|Le Hong Hiep|Ian Storey

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s visit to three Southeast Asian countries in July 2021 was aimed at reaffirming America’s commitment to regional alliances and partnerships amid concerns of US neglect of the region in the first six months of the Biden administration.

The United States’ “Mini” Shangri-La Dialogue: Stand and Deliver

William Choong

When Lloyd Austin, the US Secretary of Defense, speaks at the 40th Fullerton Lecture in Singapore tonight, he will need to go beyond speaking about esoteric concepts such as the “rules-based international order” and promise that Washington will provide tangible deliverables in the form of pandemic assistance, economic growth and trade.