President Duterte: The Centralizer

Malcolm Cook

President Duterte's war on illegal drugs has claimed mounting death tolls and widespread human rights abuses. The drug war is used as the blanket reason to delay elections and centralize political power in the person of the president and reduces the checks and balances on this power.

Whither the True Cost of Mega-Port Development?

Serina Rahman

The development of the Klang Valley's third port and industrial city in Carey Island comes against a slump in the international shipping trade, and the formation of mega-alliances of container carriers for economies of scale due to over-capacity. Assessment of economic, socio-cultural, environmental, and political impact needs to be carried out – as well as its implications on other Malaysian ports.

What Lies Ahead for Sarawak with Adenan Satem’s passing?

Lee Hock Guan|Lee Poh Onn

Chief Minister Adenan Satem, who passed away recently, implemented a series of popular policies, which helped to deliver the bulk of parliamentary seats in Sabah and Sarawak to the ruling coalition BN in the 2013 elections. While Adenan has a team in place to seek continuity in policies, there is a lack of a new leader vocal enough to face the government in Putrajaya.