Darren Cheong

Darren Cheong was Research Associate with the Regional Strategic and Political Studies Programme at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

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Chinese ‘Debt Traps’ in Southeast Asia: What the Data Say

Darren Cheong

This Long Read argues that while the terms of China’s aid and loans to Southeast Asian countries are less favourable compared to those of the World Bank, the weight of the evidence does not lend credence to the existence of a Chinese “debt trap” strategy in the region.

Environmental and Labour Standards in IPEF: Tough Pill to Swallow for Southeast Asia

Darren Cheong

The U.S. must ensure that it finds the right leverage within its IPEF scheme to make up for its lack of trade benefits or risk turning off prospective participants.

Vietnam and Russia’s Political Alignment: More than Meets the Eye

Hoang Thi Ha|Darren Cheong

A lot of ink has been spilled to explain Vietnam’s reticence to take a stronger position against Russia’s war in Ukraine. One facet of the Russo-Vietnam relationship that has not been discussed as much is the two countries’ political alignment on issues such as human rights and democracy in the global arena.

Palm Oil Certification Schemes: Putting Some Roar into Paper Tigers

Darren Cheong|Ryan Wong

Sustainable palm oil certification schemes are necessary, as they incentivise producers to improve their environmental practices. But a different tack centred on districts rather than individual producers should be considered.

Unpacking Russia’s Twitter Disinformation Narratives in Southeast Asia

Darren Cheong

A key reason why some pro-Russia disinformation narratives about the war in Ukraine have found resonance in Southeast Asia is that they have successfully tapped into latent anti-U.S. and anti-West sentiments.