Lee Sue-Ann

Lee Sue-Ann is Senior Fellow and Coordinator of the Regional Strategic and Political Studies Programme, and editor at Fulcrum, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute. She also directs the Media, Technology and Society Programme which focuses on how media technologies and platforms have been utilised to shape political perceptions, narratives and behaviour.

Sue-Ann graduated from the National University of Singapore with an honours degree in Political Science and from Harvard’s Kennedy School with a Master of Public Policy.

Her research interests include topics such as the rise of China and its strategic implications, technology as the emerging key arena for big-power competition, the politics of Islamisation and the continued salience of identity politics as a divisive factor in political discourse.

Articles by Lee Sue-Ann (5)

Southeast Asian Views on the United States: Perceptions Versus Objective Reality

Lee Sue-Ann

5-year data trends from the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute’s State of Southeast Asia annual survey suggest that ASEAN countries have remained ambivalent about the US’ regional leadership role on multiple fronts. While there is still a reservoir of goodwill towards the US in the region, this is being depleted in some countries and cannot be taken for granted.

Anies Baswedan: Potential Kingmaker in Indonesia’s 2024 Presidential Race?

Lee Sue-Ann

The race for Indonesia’s 2024 presidential elections remains wide open. Among the top three contenders, Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan is the one with the most options. If he does not make a run for the nation’s top job himself, he is well-placed to become a kingmaker.

The Liberal Order’s Illiberal Turn: Implications for Southeast Asia

Lee Sue-Ann

The clash of online opinions surrounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine reveals support for pro-Russia, pro-Putin narratives in Southeast Asia. Untangling why such rhetoric is attractive points to deep dissatisfaction with the existing liberal international order. Southeast Asia can play a part in helping the world avoid worse alternatives.

Fighting Big Fat Lies Online: Caveat Emptor

Lee Sue-Ann

In the online battlefield, companies, politicians and media outlets are trying to shape how we think. For media consumers and journalists alike, the keys to a strong defence lie in media literacy and discernment.

All Abuzz About an Anti-parasite Drug

Lee Sue-Ann

A divisive debate has broken out in regional social media over the use of ivermectin to treat Covid-19. The focus of the debate should remain squarely on its effectiveness as a therapeutic treatment for the coronavirus.