Moe Thuzar

Moe Thuzar is Fellow and Acting Coordinator of the Myanmar Studies Programme at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute. 

Articles by Moe Thuzar (26)

Reviewing the Review: ASEAN’s Five-Point Consensus Implementation

Moe Thuzar|Sharon Seah

The latest from ASEAN leaders on Myanmar shows more steel in the spine but for real progress to be made, Indonesia as the next ASEAN chair must follow through expeditiously.

Has ASEAN Reached the Point of Diminishing Returns with Myanmar?

Sharon Seah|Moe Thuzar

The State Administration Council has cleverly gamed the ASEAN system for its own ends and dragged out the implementation of the Five-Point Consensus. It is time for ASEAN to pack more punch into the office of the Special Envoy to Myanmar.

The State of Southeast Asia Survey

The State of Southeast Asia Survey: An Outlet for Myanmar Aspirations

Moe Thuzar

In the 2022 State of Southeast Asia Survey, Myanmar respondents are markedly negative towards the State Administration Council. This has coloured their assessment of ASEAN's effectiveness in handing the country's ensuing political crisis.

Cambodia and Myanmar: The Need to Balance Pressure and Diplomacy

Joanne Lin|Moe Thuzar

Hun Sen's visit to Myanmar has provoked some controversy. As ASEAN chair, it behoves Cambodia to operationalise the grouping's five-point consensus on Myanmar.

Myanmar’s National Unity Consultative Council: A Vision of Myanmar’s Federal Future

Htet Myet Min Tun|Moe Thuzar

The National Unity Consultative Council has built on earlier models to map out a vision for Myanmar’s federal future. A key challenge would be to gain the trust of ethnic armed groups and political parties towards Bamar-dominated processes.