Ryan Wong

Dr Ryan Wong was Lead Researcher (Climate Policy) at the Climate Change in Southeast Asia Programme, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute. 

Articles by Ryan Wong (10)

Palm Oil Certification Schemes: Putting Some Roar into Paper Tigers

Darren Cheong|Ryan Wong

Sustainable palm oil certification schemes are necessary, as they incentivise producers to improve their environmental practices. But a different tack centred on districts rather than individual producers should be considered.

Greenwashing: A Market Distortion Needing Serious Attention in Southeast Asia

Michael Schaper|Ryan Wong

Greenwashing is more than just a quirky marketing practice; it has the potential to seriously distort the effective expression of consumer and social concerns about environmental issues. This Long Read argues that consumers and investors can drive change through their purchasing and spending power. But this requires honest and accurate information to be made freely available so that properly informed decisions can be made.

Resetting the Throw-Away Lifestyle

Ryan Wong

No politician in both developing and developed nations would be ready to condemn more consumption, more growth and more throw-away. But the alternative need not be anti-consumption. Innovations and nascent movements in sustainable consumption show us more options.

Slashing Methane Emissions: A Tricky Business

Ryan Wong|Qiu Jiahui

Reducing methane emissions is achievable, but there are several prickly issues.

Win Over Renewable Naysayers in Indonesia

Ryan Wong|David Silalahi

Indonesia has the potential to be a vital renewable energy exporter in the region. But it has to first get its ducks in a row on the technical, financial and regulatory fronts.