Ms Sharon Seah is Senior Fellow and Coordinator at the ASEAN Studies Centre, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute. Prior to joining the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute, Ms Seah was Associate Director of the NUS Centre for International Law. She has spent 14 years in the National Environment Agency and Ministry of Foreign Affairs prior to entering academia, including a diplomatic posting to the Singapore Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand from 2003 to 2007. Ms Seah maintains an interest in climate change and environmental issues; multilateralism and ASEAN development. Ms Seah graduated with a Master in Public and International Law from the University of Melbourne in 2018.

Articles by Sharon Seah (36)

The ‘High Seas Treaty’: Six Things Worth Knowing

Sharon Seah

The recent conclusion of a ‘high seas treaty’ is significant, since it would put in place a multilateral regime to preserve and protect critical resources in areas outside countries’ exclusive economic zones and continental shelves.

ASEAN’s Agricultural Climate Resilience: Is Strengthening Domestic Production Enough?

Qiu Jiahui|Sharon Seah

To achieve global food security, there is a need not only to increase domestic production, but also to adapt to the climatic impacts on agriculture. This is particularly pertinent in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia Takes the Lead on Myanmar: The Clock is Ticking

Sharon Seah|Moe Thuzar

Southeast Asians are looking to ASEAN’s titular head Indonesia to take the lead to resolve the political crisis in Myanmar. But Jakarta’s first steps as ASEAN Chair have left something to be desired.

China's President Xi Jinping, Secretary-General of ASEAN Lim Jock Hoi, U.S. President Joe Biden.

The State of Southeast Asia Survey

State of Southeast Asia Survey 2023: It Takes Three to Tango

Sharon Seah

If ASEAN can’t tango with China or the U.S., who else? Pragmatic as always, ASEAN’s favourite choices for hedging partners remain the EU and Japan but attention appears to have also fallen on India as its third choice this year.

Locating Strategic Imperatives in ASEAN-EU Relations 45 Years On

Joanne Lin|Sharon Seah

The ASEAN-EU Summit in Brussels highlighted potential areas for closer cooperation between the two regional blocs, provided leaders can surmount strategic and other differences at this tricky juncture in world politics.