Sharon Seah

Ms Sharon Seah is Senior Fellow at the ASEAN Studies Centre, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute. Prior to joining the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute, Ms Seah was Associate Director of the NUS Centre for International Law. She has spent 14 years in the National Environment Agency and Ministry of Foreign Affairs prior to entering academia, including a diplomatic posting to the Singapore Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand from 2003 to 2007. Ms Seah maintains an interest in climate change and environmental issues; multilateralism and ASEAN development. Ms Seah graduated with a Master in Public and International Law from the University of Melbourne in 2018.

Articles by Sharon Seah (9)

ASEAN and the Problem of Legitimacy

Sharon Seah

ASEAN needs to decide whether Myanmar’s State Administration Council has the legal capacity to engage in international relations that has direct impact on ASEAN’s own legal capacity as an inter-governmental organisation.

ASEAN’s Covid-19 Recovery Measures: Missing Opportunities for a Green Future

Melinda Martinus|Sharon Seah

As of 28 May 2021, ASEAN countries had authorised a total of US$ 730 billion, equivalent to 7.8% of ASEAN’s total GDP, in stimulus dollars. But few ASEAN countries have prioritised green components to their Covid-19 stimulus packages.

Time for ASEAN to Have a Female Secretary-General?

Apichai Sunchindah|Sharon Seah

As ASEAN faces the twin crises of the coup in Myanmar and the raging Covid-19 pandemic, it might well be time to consider a female at the helm of the grouping’s secretariat.

ASEAN’s Climate Cooperation with China and the US: Challenges and Prospects

Sharon Seah

The US is back in the international climate cooperation game, but it has a lot to catch up on to make up for the last four years when it chose not to play.

ASEAN Emergency Summit: In the Hot Seat

Sharon Seah

One can assess ASEAN’s recent emergency meeting in Jakarta in two ways. One scenario is cautiously optimistic; the other would be tantamount to pure fatalism.