Dr Su-Ann Oh is a Visiting Fellow of the Myanmar Studies Programme at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

Dr Oh researches and writes about ethnic politics and conflict, and borderlands in Myanmar. She is also the managing editor of SOJOURN, a journal devoted to the study of social and cultural issues in Southeast Asia and one of the flagship publications of the Regional Social and Cultural Studies programme at the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute. She also convenes the seminar series funded by the KAS, The Politics of Art in Southeast Asia.

Articles by Su-Ann Oh (10)

Cryptos: Un-Tethering from the Military Junta

Su-Ann Oh

The use of cryptocurrency Tether by the National Unity Government, Myanmar's parallel government, threatens to undermine the sovereignty of the ruling State Administration Council on multiple fronts.

Myanmar’s Garment Industry After the Coup: Threadbare and in Tatters

Su-Ann Oh

Five months after the February coup, the future of Myanmar's garment industry hangs by a thread.

Singapore Businesses In Myanmar: Navigating the Choppy Waters of Political Turmoil

Su-Ann Oh

The coup in Myanmar has compounded problems for Singapore firms operating there. But they appear to be battening down the hatches to ride out the political storm.

How Successful Will the Protests in Myanmar Be?

Su-Ann Oh

The ongoing anti-coup protests are qualitatively different and pose a bigger challenge to Myanmar’s military rulers than earlier protest movements.

Cashless Society in Myanmar: Still A Long Way to Go

Su-Ann Oh

Myanmar has taken some decisive steps towards cashless payments, particularly in a time of the Covid-19 pandemic. But there are still some obstacles to be overcome before the country becomes a cashless society.