Tita Sanglee

Tita Sanglee

Tita Sanglee is an independent analyst and a business owner based in Khao Lak, Phang Nga province, Thailand.

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Thailand's sixth civilian defence minister, Sutin Klungsang, reviews the guard of honour upon his arrival at the ministry on September 13.

Thailand’s New Defence Minister: Keeping the Armed Forces Sweet

Tita Sanglee|Ian Storey

The appointment of Thailand’s new defence minister underscores the Pheu Thai Party’s desire to deter yet another coup and ensure the longevity of the 11-party coalition government.

Post-election, Thailand’s Next Government Faces Difficult Military Procurement Decisions

Tita Sanglee|Ian Storey

Washington has rejected Thailand’s request to purchase F-35 Lightning II fighters, reportedly due to the Royal Thai Air Force’s lack of capacity to operate the planes. But there is more to the decision than meets the eye.

Decoding Phuket Province’s Demand for Autonomy

Tita Sanglee|Michael J. Montesano

There are growing calls in Phuket, Thailand’s tourism powerhouse, to become more autonomous from the central authorities in Bangkok. While such an idea has not gained traction outside Phuket, the province might need to think deeper about what autonomy entails, and in what form.

The Grim Future of the Democrat Party in Thailand’s Upper South

Tita Sanglee

As Thailand readies itself for the coming elections, its oldest political party, the Democrat Party, faces an uphill battle in even coming close to regaining its former lustre.

When the Pandemic Spreads Another “Fever”: Regional Autonomy

Tita Sanglee

Some Thai provinces are learning to adapt quickly to the Covid-19 pandemic. This might drive regional efforts for greater independence from Bangkok.