How ASEAN Supports the Korean Peninsula Peace Process

Tang Siew Mun

The historic meeting between US President, Donald Trump, and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's (DPRK) State Affairs Commission Chairman, Mr Kim Jong Un, paved the way for DPRK participation in the ASEAN Regional Forum. With the resumption of trade and bilateral engagement with ASEAN member states, Pyongyang has a higher stake in the maintenance of regional peace and stability.

ASEAN Smart Cities Network: Preparing For the Future

Moe Thuzar

Introduced at the 32nd ASEAN Summit, the ASEAN Smart Cities Network aims to improve the lives of ASEAN citizens using technology as an enabler. Comprising 26 pilot cities across all ten ASEAN member states, it is the first step towards regional cooperation in a digital future.

Vietnam, ASEAN and the ‘Consensus Dilemma’

Le Hong Hiep

The ASEAN consensus principle constrains Vietnam's efforts to forge a common position among the ASEAN member states on the South China Sea disputes. However, Vietnam and some ASEAN partners can work together to come up with ad hoc mechanisms to address urgent security issues.