Will Green Parties Rise in Southeast Asia?

Michael Schaper

Greens often prosper in federal systems, in richer countries with service-based economies, in situations where environmental issues are part of mainstream political debates, and in electorates with large numbers of young, highly-educated members drawn from the middle class. If this is the case, then Southeast Asia may eventually see the rise of its own green movement.

“Adapting to Nature”: A Preliminary Assessment of Vietnam’s Mekong Water Diplomacy since 2017

Truong-Minh Vu|Tram Nguyen

Vietnam’s water diplomacy since November 2017 reflects the country’s concerns over the Mekong Delta Region’s sustainable development prospects. Treating Mekong issues as a national security matter, Vietnam has mobilised resources for the development of the region and promoted regional cooperation towards a sustainable Mekong River Basin.